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Welcome to my Github Website

The EasyMel library aims to simplify or automate the creation of some functionality. For this purpose I deliver the first one that allows you to generate an HTML form from a database table.

EasyMelFormGenerator Class

This class allows the generation of an HTML form from a database table.

Let’s see how it works with a simple example :

  1. First we need to include necessary class
    require_once 'form/EasyMelFormGenerator.class.php';
    require_once 'database/Database.class.php';
  2. Before creating our form we can get data to fill the form with
    $db = new Database ('test', 'user', 'password', 'localhost'); // TODO : Implement singleton
    $obj = $db->get ("users", "user_id", 1);
  3. Finaly we build the form and…
    $easy = new _easyMFormGen($db);
  4. …display it. That’s all!
    echo $easy->getFormFromTable(
    (isset($obj->objValues)? $obj->objValues : null), // field values object
    (isset($obj->arErrorsProduit)?(object)$obj->arErrorsProduit:null), // Errors : Convert error array to object
    'test', // database name
    'users', // table name
    array('user_id'), // Fields to hide
    array('[FIELD_ID]' => '[LABEL]'), // Labels to display
    array('sex' => 'sex',
    'role' => 'roles'), // Drop-down lists
    null, // Relationships : NOT IMPLEMENTED
    array(), // Fields to disable
    "" // To disable the form set "disabled"

    Let’s see the live demo : demo example-basic.php

You can get the full example file here : example-basic.php

Please give me you feedback at